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Siber has expanded it’s manufacturing capabilities to include high layer count rigid , flex and rigid flex PCBs. We see these same requirements in the Military and Aerospace fields.

Siber Circuits Inc has the following certifications from independent certification bodies.


Siber Circuits Inc. is a North American Manufacturer of high-quality Printed Circuit Boards capable of producing for Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Medical and Commercial industries.

We focus heavily on customer service to get you into production as fast as possible with the best solution for your needs.


Beyond the board itself, Siber is focused on communications starting with our Customer Service department and including Engineering.

Our aim is to makes sure your board is thoroughly reviewed using the industries best CAM tools focusing on ensuring your PCB will function as intended.

We achieve this with:


24hrs Prototype Delivery

Siber Circuits offers 24-hour prototypes delivered the next morning by 10:00 anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our standard delivery is 10 days with no premium.


We are UL approved and RoHS compliant. Along with our quick turn capability, Siber Circuits has extensive experience manufacturing with a wide variety of laminates such as FR406, Teflon, polyimide, RF-based materials, Kevlar, etc.


Significant investment in latest technology equipment has garnered excellent results. Siber is capable of manufacturing pcbs up to 40 layers.


Coupled with certifications in Commercial, Military, Aerospace, and Medical, Siber provides solutions to customer expectations. Delivering fully documented PCBs in as little as 24 hours.

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Siber circuits is equipped to design and manufacture a variety of different products in as little as 24 hours.

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