Production Terms and Conditions


1.0.1] Suppliers certified to ISO 9001 and / or AS9100 are recognized as having a valid Quality System.
1.0.2] Supplier Self-Assessment Survey will be sent to critical suppliers or Subcontractors as part of the SIBER Circuits Supplier Approval process.
1.0.3] On-site audits. SIBER Circuits, its customers, or a Regulatory authority shall be granted to right of access to the Supplier’s facilities. This shall include access to quality records associated with fulfilling SIBER Circuits Purchase Orders [PO].
1.0.4] Historical Supplier Performance is monitored and evaluated. The key factors being
i] On-time delivery
ii] Quality of product delivered
iii] Reaction to non-conforming product; typically the time to provide a Corrective Action [CA].

i] It is the Suppliers responsibility to provide product / services meeting, all specifications and reliability requirements listed in the PO and Terms and Conditions.
ii] Notify SIBER Circuits of any process / material / personnel changes that contribute to the form, fit, and function of product or service provided to SIBER Circuits with reasonable notice. This requirement is extended to include changes in sub-tier suppliers.
iii] Notify SIBER Circuits if there are concerns with product shipped to SIBER Circuits.
iv] To provide SIBER Circuits with, where necessary, with completed Corrective Actions in a timely manner.
v] Ensure that all relevant, pertinent PO information; technical data such as specifications, acceptance criteria are ‘flowed down’ to any sub-tier suppliers to assure compliance with all PO requirements. This requirement extends to Conflict Minerals and Counterfeit materials prohibited in product supplied to SIBER Circuits.
vi] It is the Suppliers responsibility to assure all contractual agreements with their sub-tier suppliers and SIBER Circuits are conducted in an ethical manner.
SIBER Circuits:
i] It is SIBER Circuits responsibility to provide the required technical data, specification[s], acceptance criteria necessary to the Supplier to provide the product / service as listed on a PO.
ii] It is SIBER Circuits responsibility to notify the Supplier of all non-conforming materials in a timely manner.
iii] It is SIBER Circuits responsibility to collect accurate data relating to any non-conforming product received and make available to the Supplier.
iv] Acceptability of the Corrective Action is the responsibility of SIBER Circuits.
v] It is SIBER Circuits responsibility to assure it conducts business in an ethical manner.


2.0] There shall be no modification to an issued PO once it has been issued.
2.1] IF changes to the PO are required they will be made in conjunction with SIBER Circuits Purchasing Manager.
2.1.1] ALL communications including final decision are to be in written format. No ‘verbal agreements’ are permitted.
2.2] Acceptance of the purchase order requirements include the applicable SIBER Circuits customer flow down requirements. This applies to both commercial and aerospace customers / requirements.


3.1] Materials:
3.1.1] Suppliers of Base Material shall ensure the materials provided shall ensure the quality of their product meet the quality levels as determined by IPC Material Specifications; i.e. IPC-4101.
3.1.2] Suppliers of Other Materials shall provide a Certificate of Conformance applicable and appropriate for the product provided.
3.1.3] Regardless of Material ‘type’ a Certificate of Compliance [‘C of C’] for each distinct lot of material shipped to SIBER Circuits.] As stated on the PO. The C of C will have the following information listed therein but not limited to… PO number. Lot number, Part name Manufacturing date, Expiration date, Quantity, Signature of authority.
3.1.4] Materials with less than 80% of their shelf life remaining at the time of delivery will not be accepted,
3.2] Equipment and Services:
3.2.1] As stated on the PO. Suppliers of Equipment and Services shall provide the appropriate certificates applicable to the product or service provided. Examples being Installation records, calibration records, Preventive Maintenance activity, etc…
3.2.2] As stated on the PO. The Certification of Compliance will have the following information listed therein, but not limited to… PO number. Equipment identification [model ; serial ] number, Equipment / Part name, Signature of authority.
3.3] Competence and Awareness:
3.3.1] Suppliers of material or services must have documented evidence substantiating that personnel that have contributed to the provision of a product or service are trained in their specific skill[s] and their functions.
3.3.2] Suppliers must ensure their employees are aware of their contribution to the product’s conformance and product safety.] Suppliers must ensure their employees are aware of the requirement to demonstrate ethical behaviour in all aspects when working with SIBER Circuits, or its customers.


4.0] ALL products supplied by the Supplier must meet all requirements s stated on the PO, specifications for the part provided, without deviation.
4.1] Deviation can only be approved by SIBER Circuits. ALL documentation and communications shall be recorded [written] for future reference.


4.2] ALL product related records and/or documentation supplied by the Supplier must be legible and traceable to the OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] with full traceability.
4.3] Record traceability for all quality records or quality documentation will maintained at the Supplier’s location but made readily available upon request within 48 hours.
4.3.1] The Supplier will retain quality records for materials, equipment, services for 7 years, or as indicated on the PO. For Aerospace the retentions is 13 yrs.
4.3.2] The Supplier must be able to provide Certificates of Compliance or Conformance and associated Test Reports as defined in the PO, upon request. Electronic copies are preferred.
4.4] Counterfeit Materials:
4.4.1] SIBER Circuits accepts only base and process materials that are delivered with lot specific material Certificate of Conformance from the Original Material or Equipment Manufacturer.
4.4.2] SIBER Circuits prohibits ANY purchase, shipment, circulation of counterfeit products.
4.4.3] In the event counterfeit material, product is received, SIBER Circuits will not pay for the receipt of counterfeit product nor will the product be returned to the Supplier.
4.4.4] The Counterfeit Material prohibition is flowed down to sub-tier suppliers.
4.5] Conflict Minerals:
4.5.1] SIBER Circuits prohibits the inclusion of any materials in whole, or in part, that are determined to be sourced from Conflict Minerals countries in products sold to SIBER Circuits.
4.5.2] Suppliers will annually submit the latest and most recent version of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template [CMRT] to SIBER Circuits Quality Manager.
4.5.3] In the event Conflict Minerals material, is found to have been sourced from Conflict Mineral countries in product received, SIBER Circuits will not pay for the receipt of counterfeit product nor will the product be returned to the Supplier.
4.5.4] The Conflict Minerals prohibition is flowed down to sub-tier suppliers.


5.1] SIBER Circuits, its customers and regulatory authorities shall be afforded the right of access to the applicable areas of facilities, documents and records at any level of the supply chain.
5.2] Direction by the customer to engage a specific supplier shall not absolve the Supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product.
5.3] Direction by the customer to engage a specific supplier will not preclude any subsequent rejection of the product provided by SIBER Circuits, or its customer.


6.1] SIBER Circuits, their customer, or any regulatory authority will have the right to access the Supplier facilities where product where the product was manufactured and the applicable records associated with the order.


7.1] The Supplier shall notify SIBER Circuits of any issues in-process where the issue has influence on the quality and delivery of the product; including delivery time and quantity delivered.
7.2] The Supplier shall notify and collaborate with SIBER Circuits regarding the disposition any non-conforming, or product of concern within a reasonable time.
7.2.1] The disposition of non-conforming product will be made in collaboration with SIBER Circuits and its customer[s].
7.3] If the disposition of non-conforming product warrants a Corrective Action, the response time in providing the appropriate Corrective Action Responses, where and when the situation warrants, is a factor in assessing a Supplier.
7.4] If the disposition of non-conforming product allows for a rework to bring the non-conforming back into conformance, a Rework Plan will be provided to SIBER Circuits for review and written approval to execute the rework.
7.4.1] The reworked product, when received, will be inspected prior to release and subject to the same inspection levels as first received.


8.1] In addition to all Terms and Clauses applicable to Suppliers above, Suppliers of Calibration services have an addition certification requirement and are required to maintain a documented calibration program that is in compliance with the requirements of ISO/. IEC 17025 (latest revision).


9.1] All delivered product will be inspected for integrity to assure no damaged product received. The Supplier will be notified and the damaged product will be returned.
9.2] All skids, palettes, and the like will be removed at the time of delivery.