Siber circuits

Products and Services

Siber Circuits provides a broad spectrum of services. From commercial double sided boards to high layer count multilayers for the military, aerospace and medical industries.

Our services are geared to meet customers expectations.
Our industry continues to need printed circuit boards built as fast as possible. Our highly trained team provides PCBs in as little as 24 hours delivered anywhere in North America.
Standard lead time for most products in 10 days.
Siber Circuits is your PCB business partner. When our customers are achieving their goals, we will have met ours.
Sibers certifications include UL, RoHS compliance, ISO, CGP/ITAR and Aerospace AS9100D.
Along with our quick turn capability, Siber Circuits has extensive experience manufacturing with a wide variety of laminates such as FR406, Teflon, polyimide, flex, RF based materials, Kevlar etc.
To complement our domestic capabilities, Siber Circuits has excellent overseas strategic alliances. We ensure a seamless transition from smaller quantity prototype and preproduction boards produced domestically to higher volume, cost effective, offshore partners.
Our Customer Service team is trained to handle all facets of your needs.


Siber meets customer’s expectations by providing PCBs in as little as 24 hours. Additional deliveries blended to our customer’s requirements.

Engineering Review

DRC(Design Rule Check) and DFM (Design For Manufacturing)
Our engineers will provide a complete Design Rule Check. Impedance and stack up can be provided upon request.