Artwork Requirements:

Minimum Line Width: 0.004”
Minimum Space: 0.004”
Minimum Pad Size (Inner Layer): Finished Hole Size + 0.020”

Minimum Pad Size (External Layer): Finished Hole Size + 0.014” Clearance

Pad Clearance (Min/Side): 0.003
Feature Spacing to Allow Damming: 0.003 LPI
Pads for Non-PTH Holes To Be Removed: < Hole Size + 0.020”

Inner Layer Imaging:

Minimum Line Width (Finished): 0.004” On 1/2 OZ. Copper
Minimum Spacing (Finished): 0.004” On 1/2 OZ. Copper
Minimum Core Thickness (Rigid): 0.003”
Minimum Core Thickness (Flex): 0.002”

Multilayer Lamination:

Maximum Number of Layers: 24
Maximum Finished Panel Thickness: 0.350”
Thickness Tolerance: +-5% or +-0.005” Whichever is greater
Thickness Across Panel: +-0.004”
Warp age: 0.05%


Location Tolerance: 0.0001
Minimum Drilled Hole Size: 0.006”
Minimum Hole Size Finished: 0.006”
Plated Holes Tolerance: +-0.002”
Non-Plated Holes Tolerance: +-0.001”
Imaging External Layers/Etching:

Minimum Line Width on 1/2 OZ. Base Copper (Finished): 0.004
Minimum Spacing on 1/2 OZ. Base Copper (Finished): 0.004”
Maximum Tented: 0.187”
Registration Tolerance: +-0.003”
Copper and Tin Plating/Hasl

Copper Thick Tolerance in Hole: 0.0005” – 0.0000”
Maximum Panel Thickness: 0.350”
Maximum Aspect Ratio: 10:1

Gold Plating:

Immersion Nickel Gold: 100 Micro inches Nickel, 3-6 Micro Inches Gold
Gold Purity: 99.7%
Gold Hardness: 130-200 KNOOP
Tab Plating

Nickel Thickness: 100 Micro Inches
Gold Thickness 35-50 Micro Inches

Deep Gold

Nickel Plating Thickness: 100 Micro Inches
Gold Plating Thickness: As Required

Additional Finishes:

Immersion Tin
White Tin
Lead free hasl
Carbon Ink

Solder Mask Photoimageable:

Plugging Capability: tent only with LPI (see Solder mask Wet for plugging)
Minimum Solder mask Thickness: 0.001”
Registration Tolerance: +-0.005”
Solder Mask Wet

Plugging Capability: Yes (TAIYO S-222NA)
Minimum Solder mask Thickness: 0.0005”
Registration Tolerance: +-0.005”

Nc Routing:

Maximum Router Size: 0.125”
Minimum Router Size: 0.031”
Dimensional Tolerance: .005